Pokerstars Maintains Market Domination In Pennsylvania

Pokerstars Maintains Market Domination In Pennsylvania

PokerStars is still dominating Pennsylvania and holds more than 80% of the state’s online poker market. This is despite its biggest rival, WSOP entering the PA market. 

GameIntel, an independent monitor of the online gaming industry, has claimed that WSOP had only an average of 23 concurrent cash game seats during the last week. 

This figure is lower than even a newer entrant into the market BetMGM (in partnership with Borgata Poker). BetMGM had started with an average of 35 concurrent game seats. Then it had gone down to 20. Finally, it had recovered to around 30, and over the last week, BetMGM had 32 concurrent game seats on an average. 

But all these figures are much lower compared to PokerStars. PokerStars had started with around 400 concurrent seats. During the pandemic restrictions on retail gaming, these seats had jumped up to almost 800 in the spring of 2020. But now, their average number of concurrent game seats has again settled down at an impressive 300-400 range. 

At present, their average is a little lower, around 250 current seats on average. But this dip is very natural as these summer months are always a lull period in the world of online gambling. But even this 250 is a lot more than the BetMGM’s 32 or WSOP’s 23 average concurrent game seats. 

PokerStars is comfortable holding on to its top spot among legal and regulated online gambling operators of Pennsylvania, with more than 80% of PA’s online poker market under its control. However, if BetMGM and WSOP hope to grow in PA, they need to put up some tough competition to breach the almost kind of monopoly that PokerStars has established in the market. 

PokerStars also need to constantly update their services and marketing to keep competition at bay and hold on to their market share.

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