Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Will Allow Android Users to Play More Than 150 Games

Microsoft has declared that people will be able to enjoy more than 150 games of Xbox on the android platform once cloud streaming service from the house of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate launches in the market. Although it has already been in the public domain that subscribers of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will be able to play several Xbox games on their Android devices from September 15. The specific information has come from the US Tech Giant in the form of the name of the games which will be available for gamers. Some of the prominent games that gamers can enjoy right from the inception of the service include the likes of Tell Me Why, Spiritfarer, Destiny 2, and Forza Horizon 4.

Finer Details

It is important to note that the names mentioned above are among the first ones that will be available in the library, but with time, the choice and number of games available for the gamers are expected to increase considerably. According to Microsoft, players can expect a wide range of choices in terms of availability of the number of games, and the inclusion of the new games will be done on the feedback the company will receive from the gaming community as the platform evolves further.

It is important to note that Xbox live can be connected across the devices, which means you can play it solo or can also switch to the multiplayer mode. The experience of the game will ultimately depend upon the stability of the internet connection, but according to Microsoft, even the speed of side 7 to 10 MBPS will be good enough to have a seamless experience of the games. The service will be available in its beta mode from September 15 and will be made available on all Android devices across 22 countries. There is no clarity yet whether and when the service will be available for the iOS platform.


It is a good initiative of Microsoft to make the games available for the players on the android community. Given the popularity of the Android platform and the wide support it enjoys among the people, this move is going to add to the customer base of Xbox. The dividend of this particular strategy might not be available immediately, but in the long term, it will definitely be going to help Microsoft to fetch more customers to its kitty.


Elements Casino Announces Reopening on Sept 28 2020

After getting hit by the Covid-19 pandemic, Ontario is following a well-planned framework to implement an economic reopening plan to normalize operations and revenue flow. As per its stage 3 framework, Casinos are allowed to reopen given that they adhere to safety measures.

Great Canadian Gaming Corporation has announced the opening of all of its eleven properties on September 28. With this announcement, Elements Casino in Brantford is also restarting its operations on the same day.

In the wake of Covid-19, there have been some health and safety guidelines for the casinos to be operational. The total number of guests allowed in the casino is limited to 50 at a time. As of now, only slot machines in use will be operational and there still will be a restriction on table games. The food and beverage outlets in the casino will also remain closed.

In the upcoming weeks, there will be an online reservation tool available on the main page of Elements’ website. All the guests who are willing to play need to book an online play session prior to their visit to the casino. It is notable that all the promotional offers including free slot/match play and other gifting offers issued before April will no longer be valid. On the contrary, the existing free play balances and loyalty program points will be carried forward on the accounts.

With regards to safety measures, a spokesperson of Elements Casino said that the health and safety of their guests is always their priority. They are working diligently to develop a comprehensive health & safety plan for all of their sites, in collaboration with gaming regulators and provincial health officials. The casino business has been hit hard by almost 6 months-long shutdown. And, now it is time to reinitialize the businesses for recovering the losses.


California Supreme Court Grants Permission For Casino Near Madera

After almost two decades of struggle, North Fork Rancheria Resort Hotel & Casino near Madera gets a green signal from the state supreme court.

Elaine Bethel-Fink, Chairperson of North Fork Rancheria Tribe, showed immense pleasure on the court’s approval for their project. In a press release, he said that it had been too long that their tribal community was kept away from 1000s of jobs and economic benefits of billions of dollars that would have come from tribal gaming casinos. However, the community is now thrilled with this decision of the California state court, he added.

It was 2003 when the tribe signed an agreement with Station Casinos of Las Vegas. Under this agreement, the tribe proposed an idea of the development and management of a tribal gaming casino near the city of Madera along Highway 99. Following this, the tribe sought permission in 2004 from the federal government to commence the development of this casino, solely meant for gaming purposes.

The federal review took almost seven years to present its statement in favor of the Madera casino. It requested Gov. Jerry Brown to move forward with his concurrence. The review found this proposed casino project to stand in favor of the tribe and would not disturb the surrounding community of Madera. A year later, in 2012, Brown approved this off-reservation tribal casino project in Madera county.

The New Madera County Casino

The new casino in Madera county by the tribal community will be located at Avenue 17 (adjacent to Highway 99). The site is spread in a 305-acre area in the tribe’s ancestral lands. The plan is to build a 200-room hotel, an entertainment lounge that will be a house to 40 table games and 2,000 slot machines. Additionally, there will be restaurants and meeting spaces available in the building.

Now when the State’s court has granted permission for tribal casinos, the Mono Indians can move ahead with the design, construction, and financing of the casino. Although there was a long-drawn drama for granting permission to a tribal gaming casino, the Mono Indians of North Fork Rancheria are delighted with the State court’s decision in their favor. They are happy with a plethora of financial opportunities associated with this project, as it would benefit their tribe in multiple ways.


PointsBet Signed a Multi-Year Agreement With NBCUniversal

On Wednesday, PointsBet released an announcement of its five-year deal with NBCUniversal. Under this multi-year partnership, PointsBet has become an official sports betting partner of NBC Sports Group. NBC Sports Group is a division of NBCUniversal.

David Preschlack, Executive Vice President of NBC Sports Group and President of NBC Sports Regional Networks, said that they are excited to commence their partnership with PointsBet. It will surely deliver unsurpassed betting experiences across the US sports market over different platforms, he added.

Under this deal, NBCUniversal has gained a 4.9% stake in PointsBet. This stake is worth $65 million.

PointsBet is a US-based online sportsbook, launched in January 2019. It is amongst the fastest-growing online portals for sports betting. Although PointsBet was originally founded in Australia, it is increasingly expanding its footprint in the USA. It is well-known for its mobile app (both iOS and Android) that provides the best experience and content related sports betting.

Major Highlights of the agreement of PointsBet with NBCUniversal:

  • NBC Sports Predictor App will get PointBet as an official partner that will work on its sports content. Currently, the app is home to games for four sports, including golf, football, NASCAR, and Premier League soccer. PointBet will expand this list.
  • NBC will leverage PointsBet’ full Spanish functionality to reach a wider audience of Hispanic sports.
  • PointsBet will provide props, odds, and trends for the GOLF channel and NBCSN, and other digital properties of NBCUniversal.

On Friday morning, the shares of PointsBet surged to 72%. With the announcement of the agreement, the company has succeeded in bringing in over $75 million in its revenue that is approximately up by 193% from FY19. Additionally, the bookmaker has slightly improved in its previous year’s losses (from $41.9 million to $41.5 million).

According to Sam Swanell, chief executive of PointsBet, the company has gained access to leading broadcast assets that have over 60 million active users per month. PointsBet has a greatly experienced team that is apt for in-house technology and products. The company is hopeful to utilize the existing assets while scaling the NBC platform for client acquisitions and retention in the coming five years, Swanell added.