Experts Highlight Online Sports Betting in SBC Digital North America Conference

Taking pride as one of the premier trade conferences devoted to the gambling sphere, the SBC Digital North America has witnessed a massive response for sports betting from participants, including field experts, firms, and business leaders. 

The conference is a two-day-long affair started on June 9 and shall continue till June 10 in an online format. With sports betting evolving as a dominant field of the gambling sector in the North American region, the conference explored a plethora of subjects related to the domain through informative speak-ups and presentations. It is a golden opportunity for the industry to connect with 2,000 people through streamlined online interaction. 

The event attendees are top executives from suppliers, affiliates, sports teams, operator firms, etc. The conference’s opening day received much support from the domain and saw various renowned speakers participating actively to popularize online sports betting. The list included CEO of theScore John Levy, ex-CEO of William Hill US Joe Asher, and Daniel Graetzer. Leaders from various verticals of the gaming sphere will participate in the conference to discuss the emerging solutions, dedicated opportunities, and future online sports wagering clusters. The event is likely to help firms expand their service portfolio to online betting in different regulated states to reap the benefits of the fast-growing and highly dynamic hub. 

The main agenda of the SBC Digital, North America conference will offer significant insights into the recent developments in the field. The speakers and presenters will touch on various topics that will help further the entire industry’s development goals. The participants will indulge in multiple panel discussions related to in-game betting practices in the U.S. Operators and gambling firms improvise their services by making them easily accessible for customers. The ability to bet on mobile phones and choose their preferred wagers is some of the teams’ most promising tools. 

SBC is a proud member of the American Gaming Association that represents the Global Gaming Expo. The expo is all set for a grand launch starting from October 4 through October 7 in Las Vegas. The exhibition helps industries to connect with potential product developers and technologies that help to shape the industry.


Christian Rudolph Wins WPT Online Series Main Event

Christian Rudolph, the German high-stakes poker superstar, added yet another win to his list by winning the Partypoker by defeating the final table at the World Poker Tour Online Series Main Event.

Fabiano Kovalski and Rudolph agreed for a heads-up deal before Rudolph cruising ahead to win $487,443, while Kovalski won $401 793.

The Final Table Action

The final table action was streamlined live at the Partypoker Twitch channel hosted by Henry Kilbane and James Dempsey.

The final table action wasn’t typical with only having top names from the poker world, including Yuri Dzivielevski, Rainer Kempe, Stoyan Obreshkov, and Daniel Dvoress, but had a proper structure, including tons of games where players started with 68 big blinds which were increasing in every 40 minutes.

Since the structure and stacks were deep, there were two quick eliminations in the initial hour. The first player was Stoyan Obreshkov, to reach ninth place for the $42,711. Shortly after Stoyan, Rainer Kempe reached the eight positions for $54 089 when his queens weren’t powerful enough for Dvoress’s aces.

Big hand took place, resulting in Dzivielevski hitting the rail after reaching sixth place for $56,399. During this, Dzivielevski connected his ace for two pairs using the top kicker. Meanwhile, Dvoress held jacks and jammed the river putting Dzivielevski out of chips.

The event also witnessed three-handed play as a marathon game lasting for hours, during which these three players snagged the chip lead. Eventually, Dvoress ran out of gas, finishing at third place by winning $249,324.

Heads-up Deal Agreed

The event winner Rudolph entered heads-up play, having more than 2:1 chips against Kovalski. Both Kovalski and Rudolph agreed to deal for clearing the original payouts having $526,562 as the top winning prize and $362,674 runner-up prize.

Meanwhile, Kovalski triple-barreled using king-size and didn’t connect with the board. Rudolph, who was initially at the bottom pair, leaving Kovalski falling short of chips.

Post-event Christian Rudolph received congratulatory messages for winning his first WPT title with the cash prize of $487,443.


Florida Gambling Deal Intervened by Federal Authorities

The deal between Florida and the Seminole Tribe did not celebrate for long as federal authorities have decided to intervene in it. The US Department of the Interior will now scrutinize the deal concerning casinos, sports betting, roulettes, and sports betting.

The department is dedicated to overseeing gambling compacts like the one conducted with the Seminole Tribe. The deal was signed back on April 23rd and was sent for further approval. The department can approve or reject the deal within 45 days.

Experts believe that the Biden administration holds limited authority in the deal. George Skibine (Office of Indian Gaming’s Former Director) stated that the department would overview the deal and see if any changes are required. George was hired to assist the House in making a decision regarding the compact.

There are not many reasons to reject the compact, but the final decision is 40+ days away. The deal sees Seminoles paying 20 billion dollars to Florida. Out of which, 2.5 billion dollars are paid in the agreement’s first five years. Florida receives 450 million dollars if in case the provision regarding sports betting is not approved.

As the provision provides the Seminoles complete control over sports betting, the authorities will have to undertake a severe assessment to make a decision. As per George, the main issue is online gaming, which was not used when the act was passed in the 1980s. The issue is to figure out what to do if a bet is placed by someone who is located off the reservation.

The compact originated back in 2007 with the Gove. Charlie Crist. However, the deal was challenged in the court by Republican legislators, stating that the deal requires lawmakers’ ratification. The Supreme Court held the Legislature victor and ordered the compact to be revised. Seminoles were awarded slot machines rights and exclusive rights for banked card games like baccarat and blackjack too.

However, the tribe stopped payments in 2019 over a dispute regarding designated player card games offered in the state. After a few rulings, the tribe stopped its payments. The agreement Osceola and DeSantis drew cannot completely remove Seminoles’ earning-sharing agreement if some sections of the compact are violated. The feature will guarantee a win for the deal, as believed by many experts.

Allen recently stated that the provision regarding sports betting would likely face legal concerns. However, he isn’t concerned about the issue stating that Florida isn’t taking a risk.


Seminole Tribe Getting Close to Legal Online Gambling in Florida

The long-pending thirty-year deal between the state of Florida and the Seminole Tribe is finally witnessing the day of light. Once the deal is on, it will help in modernizing the gambling industry of the state.

The deal was confirmed by Ron DeSantis, the state’s Governor. He said this has turned out to be a historic deal helping establish a robust framework for the state that could generate extra revenue.

Sunshine State Approved Sports Betting

During the legislation sessions, on the third day, the Florida House, after hearings, passed the new bill, which will help to expand the gambling industry in Florida by 97-17 votes. During this period, the Senate approved the awaited bill shortly after the 39-1 vote. After the final approval from the Florida House and Senate, the Seminole Tribe of Florida got the green light to conduct sports betting legally.

The deal defines that the state will get around $2.5 billion for the next five years and around $20 billion for the next thirty years. Similarly, the Florida tribe will also offer betting activities in sports events and receive benefits. Moreover, gamblers are also able to expand gaming floors casinos along with craps games.

In his official statement, the Chairman of Seminole Tribe of Florida said that the tribe is thankful to Mr. Sprowls, state’s Governor, along with Mr. Simpson, for helping to seal the deal.

After this deal, Florida State will work on expanding gambling opportunities. Moreover, the deal will offer the Seminole Tribe of Florida to add sports betting activities on the border.

Historical Gambling Expansion

Once the US Department approves the deal of the Interior, the tribe will start offering betting activities post 15th October 2021. Presently, there are different gambling activities offered legally

  • Tribal land casino
  • State running lotteries
  • Interstate games

If all goes as per the plan and the deal goes live, Florida Residents will perform sports betting.


Alabama’s Black Communities Grapple With Casino Authorization Woes

Governing bodies of Alabama’s Montgomery city are witnessing disputes over gambling authorization in the Black community across the state. The bill now being awaited for a verdict by the state authorities has created impediments for players desiring to bid on a lottery or partake in sports betting. These state-approved lawsuits will cause a grave disadvantage in the city’s gambling revenue. 

If the final verdict by the House of Representatives votes in favor of restricting sports betting in the city, it will result in a host of casino establishments being restricted. Casino investors are pushing for the vote to be in favor of sports betting. No revolutionary change has taken place on the sports betting stance in the city, but if all goes well, Casino investors in the province will make a fine profit. 

In the sports betting market, Gambling has evolved and has now even ventured into digital platforms. The appeal of Gambling will only be cultivated through participation in sports betting. Restrictions hamper the growth of the gambling industry in the city as new players will be cautious. Sports betting patrons also have a challenge as they can’t play to win lucrative prize pools. 

The restrictions on sports betting can also result in a dip in the revenue streams from gambling establishments. These sports betting profits could help in the developmental growth of the poor vicinities in the cities especially areas that are home to a lot of Black communities. 

To contribute to the revenue of the state, Bingo has been used as a pathway to generate revenue and finance Alabama. The new bill on sports betting will also hamper these Bingo events and put a dent in the revenue being generated through the games conducted by Black communities. 

Enforcers of sports betting are hopeful that the final verdict will see a positive result, and the House of Representatives will legalize sports betting in the province. The State would not want to lose out on a profitable stream of revenue as the sports betting restrictions will lead to a severe job loss in the Black Belt province of Montgomery.


Mobile Sports Betting Bill Cleared by the House in Louisiana

The state House of Representatives of Louisiana state has cleared a bill that allows mobile sports gambling or betting. Currently, the bill is with the Senate for further consideration.Page Cortez, Senate President representing Lafayette, has already voiced his support for mobile
betting in live sporting tournaments and events.

House Bill 697, presented by House of Representative’s rep John Stefanski, who represents South Louisiana’s Crowley town, will allow wagers to be placed on smartphones by sports bettors in Louisiana. The bill came through in the house by a majority vote. 78-24 was the final vote according to the bill-tracking on the State legislature’s site.

Cortez stated that sports wagering would generate good revenue – in fact, “meaningful revenue.” The key to it was to allow it on mobile devices. He estimates that smartphone-based sports betting could generate tax revenue up to an amount of $20 million every year, with a
minimum of $10 million.

The mobile sports betting tax rate is projected at 18 percent. Stefanski’s bills suggest that mobile wagering kiosks be placed in bars and several other public places, provided these spaces have video poker terminals that are legal and permitted.

Currently, bars and truck stops have video poker terminals. Many owners of these poker machines worry if sports betting would cut through their video poker revenues, cites Business Report.

If this bill comes through clean, then Louisiana will have what bordering states may not. In bordering Mississippi, mobile sports betting is permitted only if the person is on a casino property when placing a wager. But the 26 casinos in this state have no such facility yet.

Yet, there are some skeptics of the opinion that Louisiana’s taxation and regulation have issues. Until these issues are sorted, sports betting could take time to get into action. Probably in late
2022, at the least.


Australia’s Gambling Industry Unites Against People Facing Online Debt

The gambling body in Australia is standing united to oppose the proposed law that stops betting companies from accepting credit cards from online gamblers. The bill was proposed by the Centre Alliance Senator Stirling Griff, which was earlier banned in the UK, thinking that it is a crime to promote online card payment for gambling.

In Australia, online gambling is limited to bookmakers and betting exchanges. There are also poker and online casino games needed for illegal sporting events. Moreover, the country also doesn’t allow online service licenses.

“Not enough proof of policy failure.”

The Responsible Wagering Australia (RWA), representing the country’s betting companies like Betfair, Entertain, Sportsbeat, and Unibet, have together come to speak against this restriction.

According to the body, the restriction lacks evidence of the policy failure towards the credit payment for the gambling credit. For other betting groups, this could be news like the Suicide Prevention Australia, Alliance for Gambling Reform, and Relationships Australia, which has also claimed that this restriction can harm the industry.

The body claims that there will be billions of losses the industry faces due to these current policies. For example, one of the case studies submitted by the Alliance for Gambling Reform says that a professional ended up racking around $65,000 due to credit card debt during gambling.

The testimonials say it is easy to see what equivalent the money pot is having a huge interest rate associated during the withdrawal.

Credit changing Australia’s gambling industry

According to the report submitted by the RWA, there is a specific claim about evidence lacking to support the ban. There is a lack of a direct link between credit cards used for betting online and any issues with gambling in Australia. However, there are certainly some proofs of how credit cards are supporting the gambling industry in Australia.

The Relationships Australia Submissions mentioned a 2019 study by the Australian Institute of Family Studies that many Australian gambling players use a credit card to support gambling problems. Many clients feel that they are not playing with actual money, but as just a figure and amount is unreal. The inquiry report from the Senate is due on July 30.


LeoVegas announces the start of a new gaming Studio

In an important development, LeoVegas has decided to come up with its own gaming studio that will help it to develop innovative games for its users. The studio will be named Blue Guru Games and feature state-of-the-art game development technology that the company will use not only for its own titles but also to supply games to other operators. According to the plan, the first game from the studio is expected to be released in late 2021. 

In order to offer the best of the game titles, the studio has a team with more than 20 years of experience in the game development industry. This team will work in collaboration and tap into the experience and expertise of LeoVegas in the gaming sector. The product strategy of the studio includes delivering games to both its own brand and other operators across the globe. The group has set a target of developing at least 20 titles in the coming two years through this studio. 

Commenting on this development, the chief executive officer of LeoVegas Group, Gustaf Hagman, said that they had been planning to start their own gaming design studio for a long time and felt that the time was right to go ahead with the implementation of the plan in 2021. The company is fully confident that by tapping into their own resources and customer data, they will be able to develop games that will not only offer an exclusive entertainment experience to users but also come up with interactive platforms and new features. The company will develop games covering all segments – from a niche segment to local users and from region-specific gamers to international players. 

According to experts, starting its own gaming development studio will not only provide LeoVegas a boost to its revenue but also help the organization to overcome issues related to intellectual property – as it can create its own characters in the game. These characters can also be altered and changed according to the demands and preferences of the customer. This step is also seen as the effort of the group to have more control over the value chain in the gaming industry as it has made investments in a number of other gaming organizations, including SharedPlay, CasinoGrounds, and Pixel. bet among others. 


Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Will Allow Android Users to Play More Than 150 Games

Microsoft has declared that people will be able to enjoy more than 150 games of Xbox on the android platform once cloud streaming service from the house of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate launches in the market. Although it has already been in the public domain that subscribers of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will be able to play several Xbox games on their Android devices from September 15. The specific information has come from the US Tech Giant in the form of the name of the games which will be available for gamers. Some of the prominent games that gamers can enjoy right from the inception of the service include the likes of Tell Me Why, Spiritfarer, Destiny 2, and Forza Horizon 4.

Finer Details

It is important to note that the names mentioned above are among the first ones that will be available in the library, but with time, the choice and number of games available for the gamers are expected to increase considerably. According to Microsoft, players can expect a wide range of choices in terms of availability of the number of games, and the inclusion of the new games will be done on the feedback the company will receive from the gaming community as the platform evolves further.

It is important to note that Xbox live can be connected across the devices, which means you can play it solo or can also switch to the multiplayer mode. The experience of the game will ultimately depend upon the stability of the internet connection, but according to Microsoft, even the speed of side 7 to 10 MBPS will be good enough to have a seamless experience of the games. The service will be available in its beta mode from September 15 and will be made available on all Android devices across 22 countries. There is no clarity yet whether and when the service will be available for the iOS platform.


It is a good initiative of Microsoft to make the games available for the players on the android community. Given the popularity of the Android platform and the wide support it enjoys among the people, this move is going to add to the customer base of Xbox. The dividend of this particular strategy might not be available immediately, but in the long term, it will definitely be going to help Microsoft to fetch more customers to its kitty.


Elements Casino Announces Reopening on Sept 28 2020

After getting hit by the Covid-19 pandemic, Ontario is following a well-planned framework to implement an economic reopening plan to normalize operations and revenue flow. As per its stage 3 framework, Casinos are allowed to reopen given that they adhere to safety measures.

Great Canadian Gaming Corporation has announced the opening of all of its eleven properties on September 28. With this announcement, Elements Casino in Brantford is also restarting its operations on the same day.

In the wake of Covid-19, there have been some health and safety guidelines for the casinos to be operational. The total number of guests allowed in the casino is limited to 50 at a time. As of now, only slot machines in use will be operational and there still will be a restriction on table games. The food and beverage outlets in the casino will also remain closed.

In the upcoming weeks, there will be an online reservation tool available on the main page of Elements’ website. All the guests who are willing to play need to book an online play session prior to their visit to the casino. It is notable that all the promotional offers including free slot/match play and other gifting offers issued before April will no longer be valid. On the contrary, the existing free play balances and loyalty program points will be carried forward on the accounts.

With regards to safety measures, a spokesperson of Elements Casino said that the health and safety of their guests is always their priority. They are working diligently to develop a comprehensive health & safety plan for all of their sites, in collaboration with gaming regulators and provincial health officials. The casino business has been hit hard by almost 6 months-long shutdown. And, now it is time to reinitialize the businesses for recovering the losses.