Pokerstars Earn Full Value From Half Price Sunday in the US

Pokerstars Earn Full Value From Half Price Sunday in the US

The past weekend was Half Price Sunday throughout the US PokerStars’ markets, and players came out in droves to take advantage of the low buy-ins. There were three feature games in each market exceeding guarantees by 5%, and prize pools exceeding the guarantee by more than 50%.

PokerStars had a half-price celebration in New Jersey, Michigan, and Pennsylvania on Sunday, 18th July. Some of the top Sunday games were half-priced, and players from all 50 states expressed their gratitude by turning up in large numbers for all of the highlighted events.

There were almost 4,800 entries across all markets for the three primary games, Half Price Sunday Warm-Up, Half Price Sunday Supersonic, and Half-Price Sunday Special, with total rewards of $187,000.

Overall, the Half Price Sunday games exceeded guarantees by over 16%, with players receiving nearly $550 in prize pool value for dollars spent on buy-in.

Michigan Results

On all accounts, PokerStars Michigan was in the center of the pack on Half Price Sunday this past weekend. The prize pool was 19 percent above guarantee, PS MI is in the middle of the three markets in terms of total prizes, and even when buy-in is taken into account, Michigan is in the middle of the pack.

In terms of percentages, the Half Price Sunday Warm-Up came as a result in Michigan. Having $15 buy-in and $3,000 guaranteed, it ended up with more than $4,000 in the collective prize, about 35 percent more than the guarantee.

The New Jersey Results

The New Jersey PS had both the best and worst performance of the bunch on Sunday, entirely depending on the metric. PokerStars NJ broke guarantees by more than 37%, the most significant percentage above guarantee in any of the three states, with winnings totaling $26,500 and $36,384.

In terms of the percentage above guarantee, New Jersey witnessed a good performing tournament compared to all three states. The $3,000 guarantee was exceeded by more than 58 percent at the Half Price Sunday Supersonic in New Jersey, while all three games in the state exceeded guarantees by at least 30 percent.

Pennsylvania Results

PokerStars PA was not convincing in all the three markets this weekend in terms of a percent over the guarantee. It achieved only 7.84 percent in prizes. However, this resulted in massive returns on investment for participants, as each dollar invested on buy-ins resulted in over $1,000 in winnings.

PA also won the most awards and had the most entries across all markets by a substantial margin. With almost 2,500 entries in three games, the prize pool for Half Price Sunday in Pennsylvania this weekend was over $95,000.

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