Cards on the Table: Rivers Casino Molds Its Newest Class of Dealers

Cards on the Table Rivers Casino Molds Its Newest Class of Dealers

Dealing with a gambling table is all about the nuances and the confident form. A dealer must work on their showmanship to be able to manage the moods and emotional fluctuations that spring out due to the outcomes of the game. Getting skilled over the overtly aristocratic manners and rules of the gambling table is not an easy task. And this interview catches the recent batch of the Rivers Casino from Schenectady just as they prepare for their auditions.

Recruitment in Casinos

The interaction with Dominic Cardillo, a floor manager, and instructor, from the Rivers Casino, sheds much light on the details involving enrollment in casinos. Recruitment has always been a predicament, for casinos, despite the attractive benefits and pay. The best of the dealers enjoy the tables and know to find their way towards the on-the-table perks and benefits. It is often the people with a lot of experience in gambling trying to test their luck from the other side of the table. But, it does not always pan out like they think because the other side is a demanding position with many rules down to the way the cards are positioned.

Skills Needed on the Table

According to this instructor, with more than 15 years of experience, the showmanship of the dealer has less to do with the cards and more with the way of handling the people around the table. It is a job where the dealer constantly assesses the moods of the players and helps better the players’ experience during the game. With an anecdote about a student messing up the shuffle on the table, he emphasizes that the job is not about perfection but about handling even such a dwindling situation with great confidence.

Another aspect the dealers hold dexterity in is knowing which is which on the table with a single glance. Now, this is a skill acquired through years of experience. It helps to make sure there is no error from the dealer’s side, which otherwise might cost dearly for the casino. Despite the skill-based part of the job, it can be quite fun on the table with a good amount of money involved.

Value Brought to the Table 

Further along, with the conversation with the newly trained dealers, we can understand that a dealer brings more than just the cards to the table. Aggression is prone to be present where money plays. Some players even go on to blame the dealers for the turntables in their fortune or misfortune. But, one must understand that a dealer merely draws the cards, and the rest of the outcome is a scheme of Lady Luck. However, these aspects on the table are what put the skills of the dealers to the test. Those who come up victorious would have a long successful career in the gambling industry.

These skills are practically taught to the dealers in the six-week course in the River Casino. Those students who understand their role on the table would pass the auditions easily to get their licenses. The dealers usually start with the blackjack table, as it is the easiest when it comes to calculation. Only the experienced dealers are allowed to facilitate difficult games, such as the craps table, which includes several odds and other complex aspects. The players add more games to their portfolio as they move from blackjack to other complex game tables.

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