What Are Bitcoin Casino Welcome Bonuses?

What Are Bitcoin Casino Welcome Bonuses?


Bitcoin casinos use different ways to draw the interest of an audience and widen their user base. The website or web application of Bitcoin casinos provides an attractive look and feel to engage gamblers worldwide. A variety of games make these casinos even more engaging for professional players. But, one of the most common strategies that crypto casinos use to bring in online traffic is offering lucrative promotions and welcome bonuses.

Bitcoin casinos offer welcome bonuses to boost their user base. A good Bitcoin casino welcome bonus can tempt almost every person in the gambling community. Most of these Welcome Bonuses offer rewards in Bitcoin (BTC), which is more valuable than any fiat currency reward. The value of these welcome bonuses increases with time, pulling in more players to stay engaged with the gambling platform. In 2020, the iGaming community became more receptive to such lucrative bonuses, leading them to make handsome deposits while registering in Bitcoin casinos. Read more about bitcoin casinos before you start gambling on it.

Minimum Deposit Required to Get a Welcome Bonus

Now, different Bitcoin casinos have additional deposit requirements that need to be fulfilled to procure the welcome bonus. The value of a Bitcoin casino welcome bonus depends on the amount deposited. In most Bitcoin casinos, a minimum deposit of $20 can help players get the welcome bonus. In high-end Bitcoin casinos, the minimum deposit requirement is pushed to $100 or even $1,000. On the other hand, some online casinos offer a “no deposit” welcome bonus. Here, players can get a welcome bonus by simply registering to the platform.

How to Get a Welcome Bonus in Bitcoin Casinos?

The process of getting a welcome bonus in Bitcoin casinos is easy. The platforms offer a simple way to add the bonus amount to the balance of the players’ accounts. New players have to register for the Bitcoin casino platform in this process.

  • After the registration process is complete, players need to verify their account and link a crypto-friendly bank account
  • In the next step, they need to make a deposit
  • Here, the platform shows the welcome bonus offers based on the deposit amounts
  • Players can select one of the offers and make the deposit accordingly 
  • Once the deposit is transacted, the welcome bonus gets added to the account balance 

Several Bitcoin casino free spins are part of the welcome bonuses to new players. Crypto casino no deposit bonus and a welcome bonus under the “No Deposit” requirement also provide free spins to the players.

Popular Bitcoin casinos such as BitStarz offer attractive welcome bonuses. They match the first deposit of new players to 100%. For example, if a player makes a first deposit of $200, the platform adds another $200 to the account as welcome bonus. Similarly, the platforms do not hesitate to add a 1 BTC welcome bonus to players making massive deposits. Currently, the value of 1 BTC is over $50,000, which is a significant bonus for any gambler.

These platforms further offer a second set of deposit bonuses to keep new players engaged. They match 50% of the second deposit as a bonus or provide another BTC token. For the third deposit, a 50% match bonus is available, but it also comes with an option of getting 2 BTCs.

The minimum required deposit for these casinos changes from case to case. A player may even need to make a minimum of 0.006 BTC to gain eligibility for the Welcome Bonus. These wagering requirements improve up to 40x before the players can withdraw the bonus funds. The time limit to win the welcome bonus is one day. Within 24 hours from the registration, players need to credit their account with the deposits. If the time lapses, the validity of a Welcome Bonus expires.

How to Find the Best Bitcoin Welcome Bonus?

Information on a Bitcoin casino’s welcome bonus clearly shows its website. To find the best Welcome Bonuses, players need to go to the Sign-up pages and see the information on the Registration bonuses. Different gambling platforms also show this information on their homepage. Usually, a  Bitcoin casino matches the player’s deposited money. Hence, the best welcome bonus depends on the amount of deposit made by the players.

Final Thoughts

The Welcome bonus is one of the most exciting ways to get new players. Every Bitcoin casino platform uses these welcome bonuses to boost their daily online traffic. More rewarding platforms get the most number of new players every day. These players do not shy away from making multiple deposits, which increases the welcome bonuses to 4 or 5 BTC. Some bitcoin casinos offer free spins, others provide a matched bonus, and sometimes you’ll find a combination of the two. The purpose of the welcome bonus is to make new players in the Bitcoin casino feel like winners even before they wager their bets.

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