Self-Serving Betting Kiosks Launched in Colorado

A move that is specifically aimed to enhance the convenience for the bettors, Bet.Works has come out with self-serving terminals for gamers in Colorado. Bet.Works is collaborating with Elite Casino Resorts to launch the specific format, which is touted to be a game-changer in the gaming industry. Gamers can enjoy this facility at the Red Dolly Casino, located in the Blackhawk area.

Transparency and fairness are major concerns for the bettors, and to make sure that gamers feel confident Bet.Works has obtained a license for this self-service facility from Gaming Laboratories International. Further, Kiosk Information Systems, a well-known name in the industry, has been roped into create these terminals. The Colorado-based tech company has unmatched experience in developing these kinds of innovative self-serving terminals.

Finer Details

Many unique features are offered through these self-serving terminals. Especially the convenience of accepting the cash and ticket in and out options are definitely going to add to the experience of sports bettors by making processes independent for the players.

Expressing delight on this association, Kim Kenney, the president of the Kiosk, said that the association with the Bet.Works is a fantastic opportunity to realize the potential of the experience that their developers have realized over the years. The top echelon of the company exuded confidence that the Kiosk’s innovative capabilities will prove instrumental in providing top-class customer experience to bettors. Kenney was also delighted that Kiosk has played an important role in facilitating the association between Red Dolly Casino, Elite Casino Resorts, and Bet.Works.


The partnership is vital for the Bet.Works as it presents an opportunity for the company to expand its footprints in the United States of America. This will also help the company realize its mission of delivering innovative sports betting services and entertainment experience to gamers. Overall, the association has significance for Colorado’s gaming market, which is expected to get a new fillip owing to these new self-serving terminals.


PointsBet Signed a Multi-Year Agreement With NBCUniversal

On Wednesday, PointsBet released an announcement of its five-year deal with NBCUniversal. Under this multi-year partnership, PointsBet has become an official sports betting partner of NBC Sports Group. NBC Sports Group is a division of NBCUniversal.

David Preschlack, Executive Vice President of NBC Sports Group and President of NBC Sports Regional Networks, said that they are excited to commence their partnership with PointsBet. It will surely deliver unsurpassed betting experiences across the US sports market over different platforms, he added.

Under this deal, NBCUniversal has gained a 4.9% stake in PointsBet. This stake is worth $65 million.

PointsBet is a US-based online sportsbook, launched in January 2019. It is amongst the fastest-growing online portals for sports betting. Although PointsBet was originally founded in Australia, it is increasingly expanding its footprint in the USA. It is well-known for its mobile app (both iOS and Android) that provides the best experience and content related sports betting.

Major Highlights of the agreement of PointsBet with NBCUniversal:

  • NBC Sports Predictor App will get PointBet as an official partner that will work on its sports content. Currently, the app is home to games for four sports, including golf, football, NASCAR, and Premier League soccer. PointBet will expand this list.
  • NBC will leverage PointsBet’ full Spanish functionality to reach a wider audience of Hispanic sports.
  • PointsBet will provide props, odds, and trends for the GOLF channel and NBCSN, and other digital properties of NBCUniversal.

On Friday morning, the shares of PointsBet surged to 72%. With the announcement of the agreement, the company has succeeded in bringing in over $75 million in its revenue that is approximately up by 193% from FY19. Additionally, the bookmaker has slightly improved in its previous year’s losses (from $41.9 million to $41.5 million).

According to Sam Swanell, chief executive of PointsBet, the company has gained access to leading broadcast assets that have over 60 million active users per month. PointsBet has a greatly experienced team that is apt for in-house technology and products. The company is hopeful to utilize the existing assets while scaling the NBC platform for client acquisitions and retention in the coming five years, Swanell added.