Planet Hollywood Poker Room in Las Vegas Is All Set to Shut Down on July 11

Planet Hollywood Poker Room in Las Vegas Is All Set to Shut Down on July 11

COVID-19 stirred the mechanism of many things and places, including Las Vegas. The city that never slept was a ghost town for many months in the previous year. However, the situation is improving gradually, and things are coming back to normal. The casinos and resorts have opened for business. The visitors have started hitting the place and bringing life back to the city.

Due to the heavy economic storm, many resorts and casinos are shutting down the facility. The Planet Hollywood Resort’s poker room is one of them. As per the reports, the poker room is all set to shut by July 11. So in just five days, the room with $1 will only be closed and locked forever in the memories.

The Planet Hollywood Resort’s poker room wasn’t precisely world-famous, but the ten-table poker space was a special place for some. People aware of the casino culture know that it is not easy to make their way amidst the competition for smaller poker places. 

The Planet Hollywood Resort’s poker room is located in the middle of a strip. The destination is an important location for tourists rather than hardcore poker players. Still, the place has made it big but couldn’t survive the pandemic blow. The situation is very similar with many other casinos and resorts too. Coming out of the economic crunch caused by the pandemic is undoubtedly very tough.

Reportedly, Planet Hollywood’s parent company, Caesars, has assessed that the location isn’t suitable for the poker room, and thus it has planned to shut the facility.

Caesars’ spokesperson reported to the media that poker players were sent to other places with poker rooms like Bally or even Caesars Palace. The objective is that the players shouldn’t miss the fun while the competition shouldn’t benefit from the situation.

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